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"Creativity has always been my passion and I express it in many forms and mediums."

- Paula Bertollo - 

I am a graduate of McMaster University with a double major of Art History and Visual Arts. I have been a Secondary School Teacher for 30 years, I am now just recently retired from that career. As a young teacher I was asked to help develop a program for disengaged "high risk" students, and this turn of events drastically changed my life. I went from a traditional visual art teacher,  to working with "at risk" students. Working with these kids had me use all of my creative abilities to help them find themselves through their own creativity in varying artistic endeavours from traditional "art pieces" to repurposing found objects. We turned what others deemed as "trash" into new, and functional design pieces. I stayed with teaching Alternative Education throughout the rest of my teaching career and found that this journey helped me clearly see myself in every role of my life, and also greatly affected my art. Creativity has always been my passion and I express it in many forms and mediums. A combination of personal expression and snapshots from real life are present in many of my paintings and "other creations." They are filled with objects found in everyday life, that I have re-worked into new and exciting pieces. Nature has always inspired me and always will. No matter how bizarre it can be, there seems to be no mistakes in nature.

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